In cooking, they say that the finest ingredients produce the best food…..

In bearmaking, the same rule applies.  I use only English and German mohair or alpaca, glass eyes and nut & bolt joints.  The filling is heavy fibre with bagged steel shot for balance or to give that weighty feel.  All noses are embroidered and the muzzles are very gently needle & scissor sculpted.  I hand apply subtle shading to define their features.

Not all of my bears have wings but if they do I make them from sterilized feathers or I will use very long wavy mohair.  Sometimes, I combine the same mohair used for the bear into the wings.  I also hand make all of the adornments and clothing for them.

Each bear that I design is unique.  My aim is to produce an heirloom bear to be treasured forever and beyond.
Bears and angels bring comfort
Remember to talk to yours……